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MORU SolutionsCustomer customization, creative management, Moru will take the lead.

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  • With its customer-focused customized technology,
    Moru Engineering Co., Ltd. will take one step forward.
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Dear customers, welcome to the homepage of Moru Engineering Co., Ltd.

As a venture company located in Daejeon KAIST Munji Campus, Moru Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded with the mission to hand down the spirit and skills, the dream and hope of future engineers by inheriting the spirit of smithy anvil, the representation of wisdom and sweat of our ancestors.
Moru Engineering succeeded in commercialization with the world's highest level of reliability by developing a precision type DC acceleration sensor combining the engineering technology specialized in noise and vibration and is devoting itself to jump up to a global professional noise and vibration measurement company by expanding the product development to wireless sensor product family to lead the IoT era.

On the basis of customer-oriented management, we Moru Engineering will also move forward with an emphasis on 'work we should do' rather than on 'work we can do' and promise that our technology will contribute to practicing national development and social goodness. Thank you.

Moru Engineering Co., Ltd. Co-CEO
Kim Hye-jin, Seo Jong-cheol