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  • Meβsysteme GmbH
  • Founded in 1988
  • Based in Berlin, Friedrichsdorf and Stuttgart, Germany
  • Production in Berlin, Germany
  • Approximately 200 employees
  • Cooperation with 25 partner companies in 28 countries
  • Over 100 patents
Products for the complete test and measurement cycle your benefit-our goal
  • Succeeding faster

Reaching solutions faster
In the test vehicle and test bench testing imc aims to provide optimal solutions fastest and most effective measure for carmakers and related customers. Imc robust system is designed to ensure reliability in extreme environments. Also available without the need to have in the Black Box PC features measured , and was designed for use over a wide temperature range. Resistant to shock and vibration systems we are well prepared for the test vehicle. In addition , our system can precisely measure the signals of the various types of sensors in the various ranges. As well as the power supply built-in sensor and a convenient and simple connection , CAN, LIN, can measure the fieldbus data at the same time , such as FlexRay. Module structure as imc CRONOSflex is because it may be installed close to the distributed sensor module , thereby ensuring the quality of the signal of the highest grade. Imc test stand technology has built-in flexibility and open & closed loop control functions. It also has a real-time simulation model for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL).
Your benefit - our goal
  • It is possible to directly enter it in various buses used in CANbus, FlexRay, LIN and other automotive industries.
  • It is possible to acquire multi-channel data at the same time.
  • The compact hardware, high durability for vehicle testing can be measured without PC
    (Black box function, high temperature range, impact resistance and anti-vibration)
  • Distributed and specialized measurement: Ensuring effective, flexible and high reliability
  • Repetitive test
  • Quick and reliable measurement results through built-in hardware and software solutions
  • Time saving: Real-time analysis function built into the measurement device
  • TEDS support- Automatic sensor information input
  • All our measuring devices have the mutual networking and synchronization functions.
  • All IMC hardware is operated by one software program.
  • It is possible to extend the hardware suitable for the application.
  • Customer's one-stop partner: We provide solutions for all measurement cycles.
  • Fast track to efficiency

On the right track with railway-specific measurement from imc
In the railway sector, measurement technology was faced with the following special challenges of railway itself. The challenges include dispersion, distribution and synchronization data acquisition in more than thousands of channels, indoor and outdoor simultaneous measurement of railroad cars, direct connection of industry-specific bus system such as multipurpose vehicle bus (MVB) etc. Engineers of the railroad industry require a strong and durable measurement hardware system. Therefore, various software solutions and intelligent interoperability should be supported and real-time measurement results and reports and analytical materials easily created by users should be possible. Imc Me β systeme GmbH has made customized products and solutions for more than 15 years. The test conducted in railroad tracks and rail infrastructure satisfies high requirements over the entire life cycle of railroad cars from the development stage of railroad cars to prototype test, performance fit test, performance improvement and general monitoring etc.
  • Ready for take-off with imc solutions

Proven and efficient : imc hardware & software for aciation and aerospace
In the aerospace industry. the type approval process of aircraft was the driving force of the test. In order to satisfy such a high level of standard, we were faced with the challenge of efficient testing requirements. The measurement and control systems developed by imc have been regarded as devices that can be trusted in the aerospace industry. And they have been proven to be important assets among major aircraft manufacturers. In imc, there are very attractive three types of series that provide a high degree of flexibility in hardware setup as follows: imc C-SERIES, CRONO Scompact and CRONOXflex. In order to carry out production certification test, flight test including structural analysis test, these can form a network by being connected to PC or be used independently or by being mixed with other types of hardware. The internal system components, that is, sensor and signal conditioning front end, data logger, data storage unit and signal analysis function are configured identically in all three types of systems. All measured data can be interlock, analyzed and written as a report by using the same software. Imc hardware and software providing synchronized data in a solid platform can be easily integrated with the control system or measurement environment and existing measurement data. These data are also processed in real time by using "on-line co-processor" embedded within the data acquisition device. This platform provides the calculation of the extensive amount and analysis of functions. It also provides immediate feedback and presents the results to testers, engineers and system connected to load control or PLC control system. Any limitations are applied to these real-time data and provide an immediate response to a critical situation.
  • Energy and power quality analysis

Over land, at sea and in the air
Together with the leading companies in the energy industry, imc has been working to provide monitoring solutions which are efficient and capable of batch measurement for wind turbine, generator (power plant) and energy networks for years. From the development stage to load test for equipment in operation- imc provides accurate customized solutions in prototype, components, structure and power quality testing based on the experience of more than 15 years. A durable imc measurement system can be measured without PC and operates reliably in a sudden power-off situation. All components for signal processing, AD conversion and real-time data conversion and data storage are integrated within a single system. This enables to provide imc solutions from a completely independent remote place. In order to measure the power curve, when evaluating power supply and quality, imc system provides intelligent monitoring and analysis environment.
  • Intelligent measurement systems

Rugged solutions for mechanical engineering
Excavators, agricultural machines, weight cranes, printing machines, forklifts or manual electrical machines should undergo intensive testing procedures before starting production. For years, we have provided batch measurement solutions to leading manufacturers. In particular, a robust solution such as imc CRONOS-SL was designed to withstand an environment where shock and vibration occur and even at an extreme low temperature and high temperature. Often, such systems should be directly installed on mechanical devices and store simultaneous signal measurement and each signal such as control data, number of revolutions, strain, force, displacement, output. A function for converting a signal through the monitoring equipment as well as modern communication channels is simple but its significance is increasing equally in graphical user interface.
  • A solid foundation

imc measurement technology for civil engineering and bridge monitoring
A measuring system plays a very important role to ensure the safety of bridges and other structures as much as possible through inspection and monitoring over a long period of time. For example, environmental impact, oscillation and vibration caused by transportation and structural design cause cracks and damage to concrete and steel structures. Imc measurement technology and analysis tools provide systematic monitoring to such civil construction sector and give the information with sufficient evidence about the state of the structure. These efforts tell a fatal defect early and gives a great help to more efficient and safer conservation work.
  • Measurement Hardware
In vehicle testing, test stand or monitoring devices and mechanical devices, imc system operates easily and provides a more productive and efficient solution. Our products were designed to be suitable for mechanical systems and mechatronics applications. Our products capable of measuring up to 100kHz per channel are compatible with almost all signal sources and sensors. And they can measure almost all physical quantities such as pressure, force, speed, vibration, noise, temperature, current and voltage. The spectrum of imc measuring system consists of the integrated model with simple data acquisition through embedded real-time calculation to complete automation of test stand.
  • Measurement Software

imc STUDIO 5.0 - measurement, data analysis, visualization, automation Imc STUDIO is modular software and consists of various tools with a fully integrated environment. Within this framework, users can perform rapid basic measurement and make sophisticated testing components.
Configure and measure With Imc STUDIO, tou are ready to start measuring in minutes. Clearly configured channel setting list, broad classification and filter functions, a number of auxiliary tools, embedded sensor setting tools and TEDS support are only a part of effective functions for fast and intuitive system configuration.
Data display and system operation With just a few mouse clicks, you can set a user interface you want through imc STUDIO Panel. And you can connect the input and output of the system. In order to set a test and measurement interface you want, you can select more than 100 preset device templates and components (widget).
Automating routine tasks Save time by automated repeated measurement by using imc STUDIO. Use a drag-and-drop technology to make your own test sequences through the selection of wide and various functions such as channel balancing, test object setting, measurement start, the data storage, simultaneous analysis and report output etc.
Recording and playback of videos Imc STUDIO Video satisfies the increasing customer needs such as existing measurement data, pneumatization and data binding with video recording. If simply connecting the video camera, imc STUDIO is responsible for the rest. Like usual measuring channels, a video channel is automatically synchronized and provides the before and after trigger function, various storage options and playback functions. .
  • Comprehensive data processing & signal analysis framework

imc FAMOS 6.3 : fast functionality You have data. You need a quick answer. It does not matter where your data were measured such as test stand, vehicle measurement or remote installation etc. Imc FAMOS 6.3 imports, visualizes and analyzes data and provides a variety of software tools needed for automation of repetitive and complex tasks.
Modular & Comprehensive Easy functions to help quick visualization, analysis Easily switching the report form to PDF with drag-and-drop Various types of macro project environment support imc FAMOS is an easy analyzer
imc FAMOS Reader - Free software for viewing measurement data By using imc FAMOS reader, you can quickly and easily see data in your PC for free. In addition, imc FAMOS supports data, various formats obtained by data format and imc measurement system. We recommend you to experience FAMOS Reader.